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RyanHamner.com - Ryan Hamner's official music website.
SurvivorBuilt.com - A FREE workout, diet and supplement program designed specifically for survivors by 4-time survivor of cancer Ryan Hamner.
Ryan Hamner's Official Blog - Get the latest updates, stories of Ryan's songs and homemade videos on Ryan's official blog.
WalkingMiracles.org - A great organization and free service for people affected by cancer in the West Virginia area.
HopeLab - The makers of Re-Mission, the game for young people with cancer. This company works to improve kids health through technology. Great company! Great cause! Great people!
Re-Mission - The official video game for young people with cancer.
The Cancer Warrior - Mel Majoros blog for cancer survivors.
Lane and Lane Dermatology - Dr. Joshua Lane and his wife Dr. Tanda Lane own and operate Lane and Lane Dermatology in Columbus, GA. Dr. Joshua Lane is a friend and contributing author of 2survive.
Bill Jones' Jonesercise - Change your world...One Training Day at a Time! (For entertainment purposes only.)
Brian Carroll - Professional powerlifter and world record holder! He currently lifts at 275 pounds and is ranked 2nd in the world for his total of 2,730 pounds, and #1 in the world for his squat of 1,185 pounds!
Psychologist Dr.Crowhurst - Psychologist and therapist helps overcome depression, anxiety, and many other life's challenges. Lots of great resources on his blog abut depression and anxiety.


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