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What’s it Like to Survive? by Ryan Hamner

// What’s it like to survive? Have you or someone you really care about ever survived something that could have changed things forever? Being a survivor sets you apart from other people in that you have a totally different view on things after “surviving”. No, I am not suggesting that we survivors are better than other people or anything like that. After all it’s friends and family who help us survive, bring us through the hard times, and [...]

“Another Chance Tonight” – The Jack Grugin Story as Told by His Mom and Dad

A little over a year ago, I wrote a song for my friend Jack Grugin who battled a brain tumor. Jack was a fighter and beat all of the odds. He kept his chin up, fought and inspired people all the way up until his last moments. After seeing Jack at hospice, a comment from his mom inspired me to write the song, "Another Chance Tonight" which is on my new EP. Little did I know that Jack really did [...]