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advice from the doctor

But the Doctor Said…

As cancer patients, and former cancer patients, we become very in-tune with our bodies. We memorize what drugs we are allergic to, we know exactly what it means when we feel a certain way and even why certain tests won't work on us. So docs, sometimes it's a good idea to listen to us.:) Recently, I had a needle biopsy. Needle biopsies do have their place, but not when diagnosing my condition. How do I know this?—Well through my own [...]

advice from the doctor

Being Your Own Advocate, Reckless Doctors and My Misdiagnosis!

As many survivors may already know, doctors and professionals in the medical field aren’t always spot on when it comes to treatment, diagnosis and especially knowing your body. And by no means do I want to throw great doctors and medical professionals under the bus with this post. There are those who truly care and go above and beyond to diagnose and properly treat those in need, and that is something that can and should be appreciated. Doctors: Listen to [...]