“Survivors Survive”: A Song. A Video. Words to Live By! by Ryan Hamner

“Survivors Survive”: A Song. A Video. Words to Live By! by Ryan Hamner

videoryanThe last few weeks have been crazy! As some of you may know, I wrote and recorded a new song entitled, “Survivors Survive”. The song was written for people who have been affected by cancer, an “anthem” for people who have survived cancer or are surviving cancer! Because whether you have defeated cancer or are defeating cancer, you are surviving!

“Survivors Survive” was recorded in October and released on November 30th. I desperately wanted to make a video shortly after recording the song. I wanted a video that featured real survivors of cancer. However, costs of making a video were a bit much. I was given quotes of 5 to 25 thousand dollars! Huh?? (This was definitely not something doable for this guy!) So, with the help of my mom and a friend of mine, I set out to shoot the video on my own; and on a cheap little camera at that! (Thanks WalMart!)

Okay, so honestly I had no idea what I was doing! (This happens a lot!) I had never made a video and certainly had no experience with making a music video. Also I had never considered lip syncing to my own song! (I felt quite ridiculous doing that by the way!)

In order to make the video, I had to round up cancer survivors. I blasted Twitter, Facebook etc. looking for survivors to send in their pics. At first things were moving slowly, and then BAM, they came pouring in! So many that I didn’t have room to fit them all in the video!

Within 24 hours we had filmed the video and put it all together. Next of course was uploading it to Youtube and putting it out on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Within 4 days the video had over 1,000 views and was being shared all over Facebook, Twitter and the web! I was getting emails from different organizations about performing, emails requesting use of the song, partnerships, etc. It was unreal! It was unbelievable! Out of everything that happened with this video though, the best part was the emails I received from survivors and other people affected by cancer; people emailing me to say how much they appreciated the video and how much it touched them.

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