Study Shows Cancer Should be Punched in the Damn Face

study shows cancer should be punched in the face

Study Shows Cancer Should be Punched in the Damn Face

Cancer—everyone knows someone that has been touched by this terrible disease. It often creeps up on unsuspecting good people and causes them to put their lives on hold for treatment, or even worse… it ends their lives.—And that makes a lot of people angry, and with good reason.

Recently a study was conducted at the university of, oh I forget (chemo brain), but that’s not important. However, what the study found was worth noting.

“I’ve seen cancer destroy some of my best friends lives, and I’m ready to pounce on cancer’s face for it,” said Ethyl Williams who was a part of the study.

“I’m willing to take on 2 different types of cancer at once in a cage match!—I assure you, I’ll stomp some serious ass,” Said another subject, Marty Cruz who is battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

The study scientifically and unanimously showed that cancer should most definitely be punched in the face if not choke slammed whenever possible.

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