Survivors Survive
  • by Ryan Hamner
  • Hope
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The Anthem for cancer survivors!

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2Survive was founded in 2011 by 4-time cancer survivor and singer-songwriter, Ryan Hamner.

2Survive is a community that brings cancer survivors and those affected by cancer together. – A place to share, support and connect.

Anyone who has battled cancer as a patient themselves, as a family member of a patient or as a friend of a patient, knows just how tough it all can be. – And 2survive wants to support these people with helpful information, inspiring survivor stories and valuable resources.

Hamner, also authored the book for children with cancer, “You’ll Be All Right, Buddy!” (Published in 1999 by Blue Cross Blue Shield). It is now available for digital download on

In 2011 he wrote and recorded “Survivors Survive,” the anthem for cancer survivors around the world and a song that was used on #WorldCancerDay 2015. His other song, “Where Hope Lives” was written and recorded for the American Cancer Society in 2011 and is now available as a free download.

Today Ryan hopes to reach as many people as possible through 2survive, his music and his writing.

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