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Cancer Treatment: Follow Your Heart, Literally

Cancer, when you beat it, everything is over and you are free to return to your regularly scheduled life, without interruption.—Yeah. My first bout with Hodgkin's lymphoma was at age 5, followed by occurrences at ages 9, 11 and 21 when I finally received a bone marrow transplant. I had "beaten" cancer, sort of. So why do I say I had beaten cancer, "sort of?" Well I was cancer-free, yes, but I wasn't free from the effects of the treatments it took to [...]

how can you treat depression without medication

How Does Lack of Sleep Affect the Immune System

It can be fun to stay up late watching movies, playing video games, hanging out with friends, etc. However, lack of sleep can weaken the immune system and make people more susceptible to catching colds, the flu and worse.—As you could probably imagine. Mom Was Right About Not Getting Enough Sleep and Getting Sick "It is an old wives' tale that if you don't sleep well, you will get sick, and there is some experimental data that shows this is true," [...]

hypothyroidism from cancer treatment

Hypothyroidism from Cancer Treatment

Hypothyroidism from Cancer Treatment So let’s put this whole hypothyroidism from cancer treatment into layman’s terms. If possible. When treating certain types of cancer like lymphoma, that nasty stuff, sometimes a patient may have to undergo radiation treatment to the neck. This is even more nasty stuff. Also patients who are diagnosed with thyroid cancer may have to have a portion or all of their thyroid gland removed. Surgery for thyroid cancer and radiation to the neck can often lead to hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism simply [...]

children who undergo cancer treatment may face challenges later

Children Who Undergo Cancer Treatment May Face Challenges Later

For many children with childhood cancer, the battle doesn't just stop when treatment does. Research suggests that those who undergo treatment for cancer as a child often have long-term side effects that show up years later as an adult. Problems like memory loss, heart disease, lung disorders, etc.—And this can be frustrating. Cancer survivors don't want to come off as "whiners", but the issues are real. Survivors need people to understand. This includes family, friends and people at work. "We are doing [...]

More on Reactive Hypoglycemia

I wrote a blog not too long ago about reactive hypoglycemia. It can be a horrible condition to deal with. I mean if you eat one wrong thing, a doughnut, mashed potatoes, your favorite childhood cereal, fast food... whatever. BAM! Your day is ruined! The symptoms kick in. You may have shivers, a headache, sweaty palms get moody, experience tachycardia. Yuk! Who wants any of this!—Nobody right? Well, basically the key to this condition is one thing, diet! Learning what [...]

Reactive Hypoglycemia – Symptoms and Treatment

If you have had a stomach surgery as a result of cancer, you may be at a greater risk of reactive hypoglycemia. This article may help you combat the disorder and maybe even totally eliminate the symptoms. When discovering that you have the frustrating condition known as, reactive hypoglycemia, your biggest question is probably, - “How can I control reactive hypoglycemia?” Well, in short, the answer is with your diet, and a little exercise doesn't hurt either! (Funny how a [...]