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stupid things to say to cancer survivors

3 Really Stupid Things to Say to Cancer Survivors

As cancer survivors, we get asked some pretty lame and insensitive questions. And most people that ask these questions are most likely not intending to be malicious or hurtful. - However, some of these questions can still cause awkwardness and make those affected by cancer think, "Did you really just ask me that?" (This post is not intended to offend anyone. Warning, it does have a little bit of attitude.) 1 - "Do you ever worry you’ll get it again?" Okay [...]

What are Probiotics? – Learn Why These Little Guys May Be Great for Cancer Survivors

What are Probiotics? So what are probiotics? Well, probiotics are tiny organisms (bacteria) that live in the body and keep the "bad" bacteria in check basically. According to WebMD, the human body has 400 types of probiotic bacteria that help promote a healthy digestive tract. Who Can Benefit from a Probiotic Supplement? You could say that literally everyone could benefit from a probiotic supplement. - After all, they help fight the bad bacteria in your stomach, fight illness, ward off urinary infections [...]

Homemade Music Video for Ryan Hamner’s Song “Give it Up” Made While at Home Recovering

// // For those that know me, well, you probably know that I’m not at all a perfect man; or even close. - But I am a Christian and throughout my battle with cancer, my faith has helped me through so much. Please take a minute and watch a short homemade video I made for my song, “Give it Up” while recovering at home from pericarditis, myocarditis, pneumonia and a blood clot in January, 2013.

“Survivors Survive” – Being Played Around the World and Reaching Others

The story of "Survivors Survive" is a crazy one if you have read any of my other blogs about the song and how it came to be. I won't go into all of the details; however, I would like to talk about how this song has touched thousands and sent out a message that continues to "deliver". In 2011, shortly after recording this song, I wanted desperately to do a video, but at the time couldn't pay for the type [...]

what is thrombosis

What is Thrombosis

A great deal of people worldwide are diagnosed each year with thrombosis and its most severe complication, thromboembolism and it is only normal to wonder "what is thrombosis" exactly. Thrombosis represents a medical condition characterized by the formation of a blood clot (known medically as thrombus) within the blood vessels ( arteries, veins and capillaries) which carry blood in the body. This disorder which affects the circulatory system causes the obstruction of the blood flow and in case this coagulated [...]

reasons why you should take fish oil

5 Simple Ways to Become Healthier

1 - Exercise at Least 3 Times a Week Now, some of you may be thinking, "well I'm not joining a gym. I'm not going to run a triathlon. I'm not..." FINE! - You don't have to! However, you can lean up, increase energy levels, get more oxygen to your brain, relieve depression naturally and feel friggin' great just from taking a 20-minute brisk walk. If you can't go 20 minutes, start off with 10 or whatever you can go [...]

Using Qigong For Stress Relief

// When dealing with cancer or any craziness in life, we can experience immeasurable amounts of stress. When we have cancer, the bills don't stop, they add up. Family stresses don't subside, and they can sometimes get worse. I want to tell you about using Qigong for stress relief. You know the feeling. It's like a crowded bar in your head—lots of noise, smoke and oh look there is someone doing shots. Okay, that part was a joke, but you [...]

Reactive Hypoglycemia – Symptoms and Treatment

If you have had a stomach surgery as a result of cancer, you may be at a greater risk of reactive hypoglycemia. This article may help you combat the disorder and maybe even totally eliminate the symptoms. When discovering that you have the frustrating condition known as, reactive hypoglycemia, your biggest question is probably, - “How can I control reactive hypoglycemia?” Well, in short, the answer is with your diet, and a little exercise doesn't hurt either! (Funny how a [...]

I Am Always Tired – 5 Reasons Why You May Get Tired During the Day

In this day and age; we are always on the go. Kids, jobs, family, friends, the unexpected, all seem to keep us extremely busy. In order to be healthy, efficient during the day and have a good quality of life, we need to be rested in order to perform at our optimal levels. In this blog I'll be discussing five potential reasons you may be telling yourself, "I am always tired!" Are You Getting Enough Sleep at Night? Obviously, getting enough sleep [...]

6 Ways to Forget About Chemo Brain

"Chemo brain", also known as "PCCI" is a real problem for many post-therapy cancer patients. It's especially real and frustrating for those that have undergone aggressive chemotherapy treatments. Research shows that 20 to 30% of post-therapy cancer patients suffer from PCCI or chemo brain. Chemo brain can affect a person's comprehension, word retrieval, ability to multitask and ability to think and perform as they did before treatment. Often times, patients and survivors are led to believe that after they are [...]