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loyalls amputated foot

Cancer Survivor Posts Amputated Foot on Instagram for Cancer Awareness

Meet Kristi Loyall. She's becoming quite the Instagram star for something completely out of the ordinary.—She's not simply posting cool pics of her cute dog, or "kissy face" selfies. In 2015, Loyall had numbness in her right pinky toe. Soon she developed pain, and then a lump. Doctors originally told her that the lump on her foot was probably just a fatty tumor known as a lipoma. Before surgery, doctors explained there was a 1 in 100,000 chance that the tumor was [...]

Cancer Treatment: Follow Your Heart, Literally

Cancer, when you beat it, everything is over and you are free to return to your regularly scheduled life, without interruption.—Yeah. My first bout with Hodgkin's lymphoma was at age 5, followed by occurrences at ages 9, 11 and 21 when I finally received a bone marrow transplant. I had "beaten" cancer, sort of. So why do I say I had beaten cancer, "sort of?" Well I was cancer-free, yes, but I wasn't free from the effects of the treatments it took to [...]

dr farid fata misdiagnosed patients with cancer

Getting Chemo for the Cancer You Don’t Have

Imagine you've just been diagnosed with cancer. Some of you reading this may not have to imagine. What if it turned out months after treatment that you were in fact misdiagnosed? Cool, the good news is that you don't have cancer. The bad news is that you probably just went through some very nasty treatment for the cancer you didn't have. Now imagine your doctor intentionally misdiagnosed you for money. Dr. Farid Fatt, now serving 45 years in prison, knowingly [...]

hypothyroidism from cancer treatment

Hypothyroidism from Cancer Treatment

Hypothyroidism from Cancer Treatment So let’s put this whole hypothyroidism from cancer treatment into layman’s terms. If possible. When treating certain types of cancer like lymphoma, that nasty stuff, sometimes a patient may have to undergo radiation treatment to the neck. This is even more nasty stuff. Also patients who are diagnosed with thyroid cancer may have to have a portion or all of their thyroid gland removed. Surgery for thyroid cancer and radiation to the neck can often lead to hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism simply [...]

what is the best superfood supplement

What is the Best Superfood Supplement?

As a cancer survivor, what I choose to eat is one of the most important choices I make on a daily basis. Diet along with exercise have slowed if not completely stopped some of the long-term side effects of my treatment for cancer. Here is my short story from juicing, to supplements, to what is the best superfood supplement... to me anyway. Juicing the Best Superfoods, That's an Idea! Originally I thought I would buy myself a "super" juicer and juice [...]

How Important is Drinking Purified Water

How Important is Drinking Purified Water

// Who would ever have imagined that one day companies would be making heaps of money selling... water. The stuff that falls from the sky. The stuff that is in the lakes, the rivers... comes out of your faucet! Whether it's purified water, spring water, filtered water or drinking water. Companies like Dasani and Smart Water, among others, are making a killin'. So how important is it that we drink "purified" (or is it filtered?) water? What is the Difference Between [...]

does bacon really cause cancer

Does Bacon Really Cause Cancer?

Bacon. It's just plain out American, and personally I love it. - Recently the savory breakfast food seems to have become more popular than ever. Heck, the Facebook page for bacon has over 6 million likes. That's a lot of bacon lovers. Unfortunately though, bacon is getting some negative publicity these days. Some folks are saying the crispy delicacies are linked to colon cancer. What? Does bacon really cause cancer? - Well, yes... I guess... Sort of... Maybe... But read [...]

children who undergo cancer treatment may face challenges later

Children Who Undergo Cancer Treatment May Face Challenges Later

For many children with childhood cancer, the battle doesn't just stop when treatment does. Research suggests that those who undergo treatment for cancer as a child often have long-term side effects that show up years later as an adult. Problems like memory loss, heart disease, lung disorders, etc.—And this can be frustrating. Cancer survivors don't want to come off as "whiners", but the issues are real. Survivors need people to understand. This includes family, friends and people at work. "We are doing [...]

4-Time Cancer Survivor Suggests 9 Tips To Help People Through Cancer

// In January of 2015, I had been in and out of the hospital. After I got out, I couldn't do much, so I wrote a 9-page eBook with 9 tips that helped me with surviving cancer. I then put it on The eBook was called, "How to Survive and Thrive". I didn't write the eBook to say, "Hey, look at what I can do."—Because there are lots of other people who have been through a heck [...]

women should be eating vegetables

Bye-Bye Meat! – Hello Veggies!

Reduce meat consumption and increase vegetable intake if you are dealing with Estrogen Dominant Conditions, such as PCOS, PMS, DCIS or Breast Cancer. 1. A Vegetarian Diet Reduces inflammation. All animal products are, to varying degrees, pro-inflammatory. They contain arachidonic acid which drives the primary inflammatory process in our body. a. Inflammation in the body triggers the release of cortisol from our adrenal gland (just like Cortisone, the medication, is used to treat inflammatory conditions). b. When cortisol is used day-after-day to [...]