Can Aging Be Reversed?

can aging be reversed

Can Aging Be Reversed?

You know the drill, a gray hair pops up, a new one or ten a few days later. Then what about that one weird eyebrow hair that is so long it hangs a little into your eyes? These are just a few of the wonderful surprises that come with aging. Wouldn’t it just be nice if we could stop or reverse aging?

It’s not just your forehead, eyes and hair that age over time, it’s your body’s actual cells. DNA picks up debris and loses organization. Telomeres, which protect chromosomes that guard DNA, become worn down and stem cells that help replace destroyed cells throughout the body eventually lose regenerative function.

So, can aging totally be reversed? Well researchers are hopeful.—And in the future look forward to therapies that will have the ability to stop aging on the cellular level.

Much of the good news for anti-aging is the result of research from studies carried out by researchers and bio-tech companies in the San Diego area.—And if you want to know more about the studies and possibly be a part of them, check out this article for details.

One recent study led by Izpisúa Belmonte actually showed that aging could be reversed in mice. (Sign me up for this one.)

The researchers and studies seek to find ways to prolong the “healthspan,” of people, says Felipe Sierra, director of the Division of Aging Biology at the National Institute on Aging.

“The goal is not to live to 150,” Sierra said. “The goal is to live to 150 in good health. When you ask people, would you like to live to 150, most people say, I’m going to get sick around 70 and then I’m going to be miserable for 70 or more years. No, I don’t want that.

“However, if you asked them, do you want to live to be 150 and be healthy until you’re 140, then the answer is different.”

Stress, sleep and diet are major factors related to aging. Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, who is president of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, co-authored, “The Telomere Effect,” with Elissa Epel. The book will be available on Jan. 3, 2017. It details research that identifies the connection between aging, telomere reduction and stress.

Looks like we’ll have to all age a little bit more before we see where these age-reversal studies will finally take us. Could any of the cellular repair findings eventually be used to help cancer survivors who have damaged tissues after treatment?




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Can Aging be Reversed?
Scientific research shows that we age on at the cellular level. However, is it possible to reverse aging? New research has uncovered some pretty interesting information.
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