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Using Qigong For Stress Relief

// When dealing with cancer or any craziness in life, we can experience immeasurable amounts of stress. When we have cancer, the bills don't stop, they add up. Family stresses don't subside, and they can sometimes get worse. I want to tell you about using Qigong for stress relief. You know the feeling. It's like a crowded bar in your head—lots of noise, smoke and oh look there is someone doing shots. Okay, that part was a joke, but you [...]

Reactive Hypoglycemia – Symptoms and Treatment

If you have had a stomach surgery as a result of cancer, you may be at a greater risk of reactive hypoglycemia. This article may help you combat the disorder and maybe even totally eliminate the symptoms. When discovering that you have the frustrating condition known as, reactive hypoglycemia, your biggest question is probably, - “How can I control reactive hypoglycemia?” Well, in short, the answer is with your diet, and a little exercise doesn't hurt either! (Funny how a [...]

I Am Always Tired – 5 Reasons Why You May Get Tired During the Day

In this day and age; we are always on the go. Kids, jobs, family, friends, the unexpected, all seem to keep us extremely busy. In order to be healthy, efficient during the day and have a good quality of life, we need to be rested in order to perform at our optimal levels. In this blog I'll be discussing five potential reasons you may be telling yourself, "I am always tired!" Are You Getting Enough Sleep at Night? Obviously, getting enough sleep [...]

“Survivors Survive” THE Survivor’s Anthem – by Ryan Hamner

I've received several emails from people requesting the lyrics to my song, "Survivors Survive". So, here is the video AND the lyrics. Thank you so much for watching and listening! Be well! Ryan Survivors Survive by 4-time survivor Ryan Hamner Not a day goes by That you don't think of the time They told you all was okay Go live your life now you're fine [Pre chorus] It will be all right How does it feel to survive? [Chorus] All around the world Stand up and join hands Shine your lights to the [...]

6 Ways to Forget About Chemo Brain

"Chemo brain", also known as "PCCI" is a real problem for many post-therapy cancer patients. It's especially real and frustrating for those that have undergone aggressive chemotherapy treatments. Research shows that 20 to 30% of post-therapy cancer patients suffer from PCCI or chemo brain. Chemo brain can affect a person's comprehension, word retrieval, ability to multitask and ability to think and perform as they did before treatment. Often times, patients and survivors are led to believe that after they are [...]

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5 Ways of Coping with Cancer – As Told by 4-time Survivor and 2survive Founder Ryan Hamner

For everyone that has had their life abruptly interrupted by cancer, there's only one way to describe it, IT SUCKS! You had your plans for your career, your family, your kids, your friends, your vacations; and now, well, everything is changing. - You have new questions, anxieties and concerns. - Right? With a cancer diagnosis, not only do your life plans totally change, but you don't exactly have a new plan per se. You just know that you will be [...]

Treatment Finished? 4 Important Issues You Should be Aware of!

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); As a patient, the unknowns of cancer treatment can be scary and leave a person with many questions. However, education on the effects of cancer treatment, both short-term and long-term, can help both prepare and put a person’s mind at ease. In this blog I want to focus on a few common issues and concerns associated with the long-term side effects of cancer treatment. Fertility Issues Certain types of chemotherapy and radiation are known for damaging the reproductive [...]

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Cardio and the Brain: A lil exercise can help make you smarter and happier!

As you probably know of course, exercise is good for ya… duh! How many times have you heard that? However, I want to talk specifically about cardiovascular exercise and how it can impact your brain. As a matter of fact, a good cardio workout can actually make you smarter among other things. (Can you imagine if Einstein was also an athlete? Woa!) We’ve all pretty much heard or read the obvious benefits of cardiovascular exercise. It helps you to lose weight, [...]

How Exercise Can Save Your Life!

So, there’s no doubt that exercise is good for you. It can add muscle, strengthen your heart, alleviate depression, lower cholesterol, burn fat, lower your risk of cancer, make ya sexy and the list goes on. Most of the impacts mentioned above can help save your life in a sense (although sexiness has never been shown to save lives.) However, exercising can also put you at a major advantage if one of the most unthinkable and most unfortunate medical [...]

A Little About Ryan Hamner, 2survive, Hope and You!

// First, I have to say thank you if you are reading this, and thank you to all of the Facebook fans and supporters of 2survive. The Story of Me – In Short! 2survive has been a long time coming and years in the making. For those that don’t know about me, my name is Ryan Hamner, and I am a 4-time survivor of Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I’m also a singer-songwriter and founder of 2survive. I’ve battled cancer since the age [...]