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a storybook for young children with cancer

An Educational Storybook for Children with Cancer

I was once myself a young kid with cancer. Now well, I'm just a kid. I first experienced cancer at the age of 5 and met many other kids going through the same things as me.—And we all seemed to have the same questions. Do you lose your hair? Do radiation treatments hurt?... Do you like blue play dough? Well back in 1998, while undergoing a bone marrow transplant at Emory in Atlanta, GA, I had this crazy idea that I [...]

what is the best superfood supplement

What is the Best Superfood Supplement?

As a cancer survivor, what I choose to eat is one of the most important choices I make on a daily basis. Diet along with exercise have slowed if not completely stopped some of the long-term side effects of my treatment for cancer. Here is my short story from juicing, to supplements, to what is the best superfood supplement... to me anyway. Juicing the Best Superfoods, That's an Idea! Originally I thought I would buy myself a "super" juicer and juice [...]

How Important is Drinking Purified Water

How Important is Drinking Purified Water

// Who would ever have imagined that one day companies would be making heaps of money selling... water. The stuff that falls from the sky. The stuff that is in the lakes, the rivers... comes out of your faucet! Whether it's purified water, spring water, filtered water or drinking water. Companies like Dasani and Smart Water, among others, are making a killin'. So how important is it that we drink "purified" (or is it filtered?) water? What is the Difference Between [...]

does bacon really cause cancer

Does Bacon Really Cause Cancer?

Bacon. It's just plain out American, and personally I love it. - Recently the savory breakfast food seems to have become more popular than ever. Heck, the Facebook page for bacon has over 6 million likes. That's a lot of bacon lovers. Unfortunately though, bacon is getting some negative publicity these days. Some folks are saying the crispy delicacies are linked to colon cancer. What? Does bacon really cause cancer? - Well, yes... I guess... Sort of... Maybe... But read [...]

making money to pay bills when you have cancer

How to Make Money When You Can’t Work Because of Cancer

Cancer can change a lot of things in your life. – Your health of course, your mood, where you can and can’t go – And unfortunately your bank account because of not being able to work and those ugly medical bills. If you can’t work because of something cancer related, cancer treatment or recovering from cancer treatment, there are several ways to earn money to help pay your bills. You can earn money working a schedule that fits your needs. Simply [...]

Coping With a Bone Marrow Transplant

In 1997 I had been cancer-free for ten years.—Ten great, long, "I'll never have cancer again!" years. However I remember there was this one, little lymph node I had been watching for a while. I mean just one... and again, tiny. So anyway, I watched it, and watched it, and watched it. One day after realizing "watching" wasn't making the lymph node go away, I decided it was time to get it checked out. I thought everything would just end with just [...]

There and Back: The Trips to Atlanta

Hey folks, its Ryan. I'm excited to tell you that I'm working on my book. Yep, a real-deal, full-length book. Now, there is no telling how long it will take me to finish. However I'm shooting for spring of next year. Anyway, I just wanted to share a bit from one of the chapters entitled, "There and Back: The Trips to Atlanta". I hope you like it. Thanks for reading! Ryan There and Back: The Trips to Atlanta The treatment of my cancer involved many [...]

children who undergo cancer treatment may face challenges later

Children Who Undergo Cancer Treatment May Face Challenges Later

For many children with childhood cancer, the battle doesn't just stop when treatment does. Research suggests that those who undergo treatment for cancer as a child often have long-term side effects that show up years later as an adult. Problems like memory loss, heart disease, lung disorders, etc.—And this can be frustrating. Cancer survivors don't want to come off as "whiners", but the issues are real. Survivors need people to understand. This includes family, friends and people at work. "We are doing [...]

4-Time Cancer Survivor Suggests 9 Tips To Help People Through Cancer

// In January of 2015, I had been in and out of the hospital. After I got out, I couldn't do much, so I wrote a 9-page eBook with 9 tips that helped me with surviving cancer. I then put it on The eBook was called, "How to Survive and Thrive". I didn't write the eBook to say, "Hey, look at what I can do."—Because there are lots of other people who have been through a heck [...]

women should be eating vegetables

Bye-Bye Meat! – Hello Veggies!

Reduce meat consumption and increase vegetable intake if you are dealing with Estrogen Dominant Conditions, such as PCOS, PMS, DCIS or Breast Cancer. 1. A Vegetarian Diet Reduces inflammation. All animal products are, to varying degrees, pro-inflammatory. They contain arachidonic acid which drives the primary inflammatory process in our body. a. Inflammation in the body triggers the release of cortisol from our adrenal gland (just like Cortisone, the medication, is used to treat inflammatory conditions). b. When cortisol is used day-after-day to [...]