Not “Just” a Moment….

It’s not what you look at that matters, but what you see. -Henry David Thoreau I watched the young man push the woman in the wheel chair up the wide, long ramp where I stood with my son, waiting just inside the transportation door at the clinic. Through the walls of glass, we could see tire tracks through the mounds of snow covering the streets and the huge fountain, its glistening jets halted in mid-air. That Sunday afternoon in a February [...]

does d ribose really work

Does D-Ribose Really Work?

Cancer treatment can save lives. It can cure cancer. As many of us know and appreciate. Unfortunately though, cancer treatment can also damage the body. Many people who have been treated for cancer, often experience long-term side effects. These side effects can impact the heart and many other parts of the body. Personally, radiation and cardio-toxic chemo impacted my heart. I've been able to combat the negative effects of cancer treatment however, with a healthy, and active lifestyle. I workout [...]

cancer survivors story

A Fighter’s Story: What Now?

I was getting ready to go to Chicago and my phone rang. I remember the sound in my doctor’s voice as she called me to tell me that my test results came back funny and I needed to schedule another appointment to do some more testing. I told her I would not be back home for another week. I was getting ready to leave for a business trip. She hesitated, but told me we would schedule the procedure the [...]

long term issues cancer survivors face

4 Long Term Issues Cancer Survivors Face

There are many long-term issues cancer survivors face. These issues may depend on things like, the type of cancer, treatment and the number of occurrences. I had my first diagnosis of Hodgkins lymphoma in 1982. Then later I had reoccurrences of the disease in 1985, 1988, and finally in 1997. Don't be fooled by the word "finally," though. It might have been my final bout with cancer, defeated with the help of a bone marrow transplant, but there was plenty [...]

how do you get balance in your life

How Do You Get Balance in Your Life as a Cancer Survivor?

A balanced life, it's achieved differently for different people. There are those things we have to have, do, and feel to make us feel like we are the people we need to be. Those things that make us feel content and complete. They're not always even big things either. Finding balance, after treatment for cancer ends, can be difficult. And for a number of reasons. Many survivors have long-term side effects of cancer treatment. Side effects can be physical, emotional [...]

importance of rest when undergoing chemo

Chemotherapy: The 80s Versus The 90s

In the early 80s, when I first had chemotherapy, I was around 8 years old, chemo was brutal. The side effects of the treatments were something I could never get used to or prepare myself for. It all would start with getting up early in the morning a couple times a week and driving 2 hours to Atlanta, Georgia. At the clinic, I would sit and wait to have my blood drawn. Next I would see the doctor, and then [...]

How Can You Get Prescriptions at Discounted Prices?

Job loss is a nightmare for anyone. It causes stress, anxiety and drains financial resources. However, as I wrote in a recent article for CureToday, job loss can be a much bigger deal for those with chronic health conditions—we absolutely must have health insurance to pay for doctors and medication, which can both be outrageously expensive. // Recently, after my contract job ended, I set out to find ways to get my medications for less. I worked with some government [...]

loyalls amputated foot

Cancer Survivor Posts Amputated Foot on Instagram for Cancer Awareness

Meet Kristi Loyall. She's becoming quite the Instagram star for something completely out of the ordinary.—She's not simply posting cool pics of her cute dog, or "kissy face" selfies. In 2015, Loyall had numbness in her right pinky toe. Soon she developed pain, and then a lump. Doctors originally told her that the lump on her foot was probably just a fatty tumor known as a lipoma. Before surgery, doctors explained there was a 1 in 100,000 chance that the tumor was [...]

obamacare is not affordable for cancer patients

How Much Does it Cost to Get an Obamacare Affordable Health Care Plan

How much does it cost to get an Obamacare affordable health care plan? Good question. The best answer is, "it depends." And another good question is, "Is it really 'health care?'" If you'll notice, how could you not, people are passionately for or against Obamacare. However, I want to show you real life.—My real life, and why "coverage" does not always equal "health care," as representative Kevin Brady put it. (Read more here in my article about the rising costs of Obamacare.) I [...]