2survive was founded by 4-time cancer survivor and singer-songwriter, Ryan Hamner. Ryan, who also founded the "Hear the Heart" tour in summer of 2010, also authored the book for children with cancer, "You'll Be All Right, Buddy!" (Published in 1999 by Blue Cross Blue Shield).

In 2011, Hamner founded 2survive to celebrate and promote survivorship. 2survive applauds those who have survived cancer and their friends and family members!

Anyone who has been through the battle of cancer as a patient themselves, as a family member of a patient or as a friend of a patient, knows just how tough the battle can be. And when someone survives, it's a major victory! It's a feat that makes everyone involved stronger!

The attitude of 2survive is one of positivity, perseverance, hope and one that is always looking ahead! - That's how it feels 2survive!

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