Want to sponsor a great cause while at the same time exposing your business or organization to thousands? Well that's just what you can do when you partner with 2survive!

So why partner with 2survive? Because we are actively finding and connecting directly with those who have been affected by cancer. This is done through social media, opt-in email marketing and events and functions.

Please take a look at our 7-day reach on FaceBook below. We now have over 9,000 likes on Facebook.

Option 1
Your business/organization at the top of the home page for one month.
The 2survive website receives a substantial amount of traffic. With option 1 you can get your business or organization in front of every visitor to the site with a top spot on the 2survive website.

Option 2
Your business/organization at the top of the 2survive Facebook page for a month.
The 2survive Facebook Like page is where all of the social interaction takes place. We pick up Facebook likes daily! -- And most of these likes are from people that have directly been impacted by cancer! Your business or organization will have the opportunity to get some major visibility while supporting a great cause.

Option 3
You purchase a $10.00 link spot below and then email us your 2vertise info that will then be placed in our "Partners" section of the website. We will also mention your business or organization on our Facebook Like page.

To get started with option 3:
A - Order your 2vertise spot by clicking below.

B - Email us your 35-word ad (this includes your anchor text) to info@2surviveonline.com.

Sample Ad
Re-Mission - The official video game for young people with cancer.

Questions? Email us at info@2surviveonline.com.
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